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About Kristin

Welcome to Kristin’s Art Treasures! Kristin is a wonderful artist that deserves critical acclaim for her efforts to capture wildlife, and the spirit of family pets in their daily lives.

Above all, I am a mother of four amazing children, best friend to my canine Gizmo, and honored to be companion to two amazing American wild Mustangs. I have always been fascinated with nature and animals, therefore a majority of my artwork has always been based off such.

In addition, Kristin donates a portion of all art sales and commission work to Salvation Wild Mustang Sanctuary and Evanescent Mustang Rescue; which is a group of volunteers who are dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of captive Mustangs and Burros that have been abused, neglected, or are in danger of going to slaughter.

“They were not enslaved. They were not controlled. They were not kept. And in this, if they chose to align themselves with The People, then there was great power.” ​- Mayan Elder

“The Relationship Between The Indigenous People of the Americas and The Horse: How the Dominant Culture’s View of Oral History Denied Truth” by: Yvette J. Collin

Kristin’s media is primarily digital drawing and traditional graphite pencil work. She has entered in two worldwide art competitions and won her spot in their art galleries, “Light, Space and Time-Animals 2020” and “Colors of Humanity-Animals 2020” shows.