There are many things to consider when creating your custom artwork. Here are a few questions to prepare before your phone consultation.

1) Subject matter: person, wildlife, land or seascape?

2) Digital file or physical drawing?

3) Digital mediaor graphite?

4) Size?

5) Home or business?

6) Special occasion or surprise?

7) Requested date of completion?

8) Budget?

9) Photography: If you have a special photo in mind, submit by email. Professional HR 300 dpi images are best. If a memorial of a loved one, submit multiple photos.

10) Contract/Deposit: Once the artwork is confirmed (subject matter, size & medium), a standard contract is signed and a 50% deposit is required to start. *Payment plans can be provided.

11) Balance due upon completion.

12) Payment: Paypal, cash or a certified bank checks are forms of payment.

13) Giclees: Available on acid-free, non-yellowing archival paper in multiple sizes.

14) To get started: Email Kristin for a complimentary consultation
Please prepare your answers to the above questions emailing. I look forward to a creative collaboration to achieve a unique timeless heirloom.

The Artist’s rights are protected by the Federal Copyright Act of 1976 and the Federal Visual Rights Act of 1991. Purchase of a copyrighted artwork does not transfer the copyrights. The copyright to reproduce the works in copies, to produce derivative work based on the copyrighted image, and distribute copies is retained by the artist. Any transfer of this copyright must be in writing expressly identifying what rights are being sold and for what purpose. Artist will own the copyright and the right to show the piece in her portfolio, and will retain computer files/images of it for use in exhibits, competitions including her website. However, artist agrees to maintain the anonymity of the subject if requested.